Julius Welby

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2020-01-11: Thanks, Austin. After reading a post on the blog of the very excellent Austin Kleon, I sat down and started to make …

2019-11-23: The Great Earth

2019-11-03: A couple of years ago an old VW Beetle near me was written off in a crash. On the anniversary of the …

2019-10-14: Edinburgh Buddha

2019-10-14: Somewhere over the Midlands

2019-10-06: Lewis chessmen

2019-09-17: Blue Brutalism

2019-09-03: Temple complex, Yoshino

2019-08-29: Change

2019-08-29: Walk on

2019-07-31: Signal

2019-07-14: Waves

2019-07-06: Neolithic

2019-07-01: “Miracles bring forth miracles. Do not think that miracles sometimes do and sometimes do not happen. …

2019-07-01: Build

2019-07-01: Pass through

2019-06-27: Blocks

2019-06-27: Prism

2019-06-25: Postcard from the Future

2019-06-24: Torso in Metal - Jacob Epstein

2019-06-21: Back again.

2019-06-20: Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.